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Our research and development team has expertise in data mining and predictive analytics, optimization, image processing, signal processing, machine learning and visualization.

Our R&D team can develop solutions that include intelligent modules such as:

  • Detection of failure patterns to improve asset productivity and product quality
  • Analysis of hyper- and multispectral images for detection of food quality and anomalies within a production process
  • Recognition of objects in images and video for security and monitoring
  • Analysis of sentiment in audio streams for call centre monitoring
  • Analysis of sensor networks data for security and monitoring (IoT)
  • Prediction of customer behaviour for increased customer value and retention
  • Finding patterns related to fraudulent behaviour
  • Optimization of logistic/supply chain management processes

Current projects



We develop custom software solutions on platforms from all major vendors. We stand out with our interdisciplinary team with over 150 man-years of experience in software design and development.

We can offer:

  • Development of custom software solutions for desktop, cloud and mobile platforms
  • Deliver software that is tested and developed in-time based on our long expertise in software design and development
  • Design of IT architecture for your organization


Analitica offers integral Business Intelligence solutions, based on the family of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence products, which contain a wide array of tools: from reporting, to statistics and analyses.

Our solutions are always:

  • current – an automated process ensures gathering and cleansing of latest data
  • clearly presented – reports can be grouped and placed into dashboards by different widgets
  • interactive – an easy to use graphical interface is available for setting report parameters and perform complex drill in real time
  • accessible – information can be accessed from different platforms
  • secure – authentication and authorization enables a multi-level access right to information

We create custom solutions to suit your needs