Why Analitica

Analitica d.o.o. is a software development and consulting company that combines expert knowledge from the fields of finance, natural sciences and engineering with in-depth knowledge of information technology. We believe that in complex environments, such as financial institutions, IT projects demand that the contractor has in-depth expertise of the fields covered by each project.

Our experience shows that having such knowledge shortens the development cycle and lowers the costs for customers. The broad coverage of different subject matters combined with a knowledge of various IT systems and data platforms enables successful development of complex integration projects, which are one of the key factors of success in large IT projects.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of professionals with background in engineering, natural sciences, as well as finance and economics. The team’s combined expertise and experience enables a holistic and efficient approach to solving complex and diverse problems. Good liaisons with external experts also enable us to assemble flexible project groups for development of specialist projects.

Company Offices

Tržaška cesta 134
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Legal Data

Analitica d.o.o.
Pot v Mlake 13
SI-1000 Ljubljana
VAT ID: SI38300656
Established: 2001
Reg. no.: 1623087
Logix d.o.o.
Tržaška cesta 134
SI-1000 Ljubljana
VAT ID: SI63884321
Established: 2016
Reg. no.: 7034369000